Susan Braudy, Best-Selling Author and Journalist

My beat is Manhattan. Even though I am an insider, this city always surprises.

I’m the best-selling author of six books, check them out on Amazon.


Susan Braudy’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Ms. Magazine, New York Magazine, Jezebel, The Week, and the New Journal at Yale. The Men’s Issue she created and edited for Ms. Magazine was the highest selling in the magazine’s history. She’s a recipient of the Dick Goldensohn Fund Award for investigative reporting and was a judge for the J. Anthony Lukas Prize at Columbia University. Alfred A. Knopf nominated her last book Family Circle: The Boudins and The Aristocracy of the Left for the Pulitzer Prize. Her other blogs are Writers Celebrate Writers and Manhattan Voyeur.


Robert Kalich’s Review of Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary

The following is an excerpt from novelist Robert Kalich‘s review of Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary (on Amazon now): In my small opinion I think Susan Braudy wrote a masterpiece. Thoroughly enjoyed the effort for so many reasons…Delicious. Entertaining. Profound. Incredibly researched and stylistically perfect. How she did it I will never fathom. Susan Braudy transplanted …

New Historical Fiction: Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary

Happy Valentine’s Day. Check out my new “kick”-ass novel Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary which details the rebellious romances and political heroics of JFK’s very popular outspoken younger sister, “Kick” Kennedy. She fights to be independent of her famous family in World War II London. When Kick defies her rigid mother and accepts a marriage proposal …


Susan Braudy is a New York based writer.