Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary

In 2006 I penned a Vanity Fair essay about Susan Mary Alsop, the super-bright American mistress of Duff Cooper, the English ambassador to France. I was intrigued to read one of Alsop’s letters describing President Kennedy’s little sister Kick as “full of charm and love of life with sub-currents of uncertainty.”

Susan Mary astutely guessed that Kick Kennedy’s “uncertainty” had to do with religion. The more I read about Hon. Kick Kennedy Hartington the more fascinated I became with this fun-loving, free-thinking young woman.

I was excited to read about Kick’s friendship with “Winnie” and Clemmie Churchill.

But when I read Kick’s actual diary I realized many things were missing. This set me dreaming about what her real feelings had been.

I read and read.

As someone who frequently disagrees with her parents’ strict code, I admire Kick’s awesome rebellion against Rose and Joseph Kennedy’s philosophies about what a woman could do.

I found myself taking notes.

Those notes slowly became my upcoming novel, Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary.

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